We want to encourage the next generation to become inventive, passionate cooks, and leave them with a greater love and understanding of food.


Meet the Ingreedies!

Chef – the flavour genius

Larry – the meat dude

Tony – the dairy maestro

Rita – the fruit star

Bentley – the larder connoisseur

Lexi – the veggie whizz

Harvey, Hattie and Hugo – the herbs

Chai – the spice guru

Melvin – the seafood freak

Team Ingreedies


Zoë Bather

Zoë’s favourite food is curry (as hot as possible), and her first invention was a cheese and peanut butter sandwich. She’s also an award-winning designer who’s worked on many books including Brian Cox’s ‘Wonders’ series. She was previously a partner in Studio8 Design. 



Joe Sharpe

Joe’s at his happiest exploring new places (he’ll always stop to read an information plaque) and he loves seeking out unusual local grub. He’s also a founder of Applied Works – a creative and technology studio built on research, understanding and storytelling.



Chris Dickason

Chris ate his first oyster aged six by the canals of south-west France, washed down with a glass of fizzy pop. These days he can be found in Bristol, and is highly sought after for the irreverent sense of humour and rambunctious characters that populate his illustration.